No matter what your business is… or what products or services you provide… your real business is selling.

And a fiercely competitive marketplace may be the biggest challenge most small business owners and entrepreneurs face.

So without spending a fortune on advertising, how are you going to show up?

Here’s how – With a unique, personalized brand.

You see, it’s not what you do… it’s HOW your customer EXPERIENCES what you do… that makes the difference in your bottom line.

And that speaks directly to your brand. (Think of your brand as your business image, with one important caveat. As an SBO or entrepreneur, you are the face of your business, so your business image is never separate from your personal image in your customer’s mind.)

Taking charge of your brand is the simplest and best way to get that “slow-sales gravel” out of your shoe. (And also leave your competition in the dust!)

Because whether there are 18… 180… or 1800 businesses offering the same services or products you offer – there’s only ONE you. So by default, when your brand naturally grows out of who you are, it is as unique as you.

And that becomes your unfair advantage against the competition!

But you can’t just leave your brand to chance. You have to take charge of defining and developing it yourself or others will do it for you. Having a brand is unavoidable; however, who determines your brand is in your hands.

What I mean is this. When people think of you and your business, what image comes to their mind? Do they picture you as:

  • Credible and Trustworthy?
  • Professional?
  • Knowledgeable?
  • Well connected?
  • Motivated?
  • Genuinely interested in your clients and customers?

These are examples of the individual characteristics that come together to make up your brand. I’m sure just by looking at this list, you can now see how important it is… and why you don’t want to leave it to others to define your brand!

Here are six compelling reasons to take personal charge of your brand.  Doing so…

Puts you in control of your business image

As we said earlier, you already have a brand of one sort or another. It’s either defined by your customers based on their experience with you, or it’s one you actively cultivate. The success of your business depends on the success of your brand – which is the primary reason you want to take charge of it!

 Elevates your market value

Branding gives you the opportunity to distinguish yourself in the marketplace. This point in and of itself boosts your market value.

If you take a good hard look at the many facets of your business, you should be able to identify something that you already do better and/or are more passionate about than your competition.

Become the expert in that one aspect of your business, and build your brand platform around that expertise.

You’ll be seen as a specialist, which automatically elevates your market value. And as a general rule, customers would rather do business with someone they perceive as a specialist than someone who isn’t.

Naturally identifies your ideal client

In the process of defining your brand, you also naturally define your ideal client. Which, in turn, clarifies your marketing.

Because once you clearly identify your brand platform and brand messaging, you will know exactly who you should be marketing to and whether or not your current marketing strategies make sense. (A common mistake in marketing is targeting an audience that is way too broad or is off the mark completely.)

So if you’re guilty of this error, you can make immediate corrections. Which should translate to an increase in sales right away.

Bonds you to your clients and customers, creating loyalty

Proper branding gives your customer a reason to do business with you over your competitor. Why? Because there will be a natural, common bond that exists between you and your customer that serves to connect you.

Which translates to loyal customers and repeat business.

Every business owner knows it’s much more cost effective to enjoy repeat business from a current client than to work to acquire a new one.

The good news is… a distinguishing brand gets you both!

Branding attracts new customers – those who seek you out because of that common bond and your expertise. AND it also keeps those existing customers coming back because of their connection with you. And as you certainly know, customer loyalty is a priceless commodity to a business owner!

Strengthens your referral partner relationships

Defining your brand naturally better identifies who your best referral partners are. And solid referral partners are the lifeline of any business.

It’s the difference between having a golden egg (a customer)… and owning the goose that laid it (referral partners who continually feed you new customers)!

A clear brand message and an ideal market naturally lead you to your best referral partners – other business owners who serve the same market in different ways.  Nurture these relationships and they will become win-win for both you and them.

Allows you to ‘mix business with pleasure’

Your brand should be a natural extension of who you are and what you love. It emanates foremost from your values. Your brand should highlight what holds meaning for you and what you would spend your life doing if you didn’t have to work.

Now here’s the beauty of taking charge of your brand…

If you successfully design your business around your brand in this way, what you do for a living will also include what you enjoy!

It’s what Marc Anthony had in mind when he said “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” 

Or when Steven Spielberg admits that making movies is like playing to him. “I dream for a living.  My imagination won’t turn off.  I wake up so excited I can’t eat breakfast. I never run out of energy.” 

It may be that what you love already shines through your work and your business. But have you ever actually considered using your passion as your differentiating business brand?

This is a fascinating concept that has the potential to literally transform your business.

And we would encourage you to take advantage of that.

Hopefully by now you see that branding is the distinguishing characteristic of your business. It gives your business a face, a personality, and a purpose. It sends a clear message, naturally attracting your ideal clients and referral partners.

And it makes doing business a lot more fun and fulfilling for you…

… such that you actually welcome the question, “How’s business?”

Need help with your brand?

We specialize in helping small business owners in general – Realtors in particular – market more effectively by discovering and developing their unique, irresistible brand platform – one that marries who they are and what they love with their chosen profession.

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